Usually, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have nothing bad to say about their days in One Direction. But, Liam just admitted that there was a point during his boy band days that weren’t always so great. The “Strip That Down” singer actually broke down in tears over just wanting to have a normal meal with his family. While he doesn’t say exactly when this meltdown took place, it seems like it was at the height or just the cusp of One Direction’s fame. The boys may not have understood how to handle it all just yet and that’s when Liam came to the conclusion that he didn’t know if he could handle it.

Can you imagine if he didn’t stick with it? Literally, we can’t even think about what our world would have been without him. One Direction without Liam Payne? Literal madness. Fans would have lost their sh-t over it.

In a recent interview, Liam chatted with the Daily Star, “I just wanted a burger with my parents. I cried my eyes out. I thought, ‘I can’t do this’ and I really hated my life.” Yikes, dude. He wasn’t messing around either, Liam really hated his situation and we’re kind of feeling for him right now. The new dad recently opened up about coming to terms with this side of fame and basically throwing your privacy away. He admitted that he kind of went a bit crazy over it.

He said, “It sent me a bit AWOL at one point, if I’m honest. I can remember when there were 10,000 people outside our hotel. We couldn’t go anywhere. It was just gig to hotel, gig to hotel. And you couldn’t sleep, because they’d still be outside…One of the problems was that we never stopped to celebrate what we’d done. I remember us winning loads of American Music Awards and then having to get on a plane straight away.”

He continued, “It got to the point where success was so fluid. I don’t even know what happened to our songs, we just sang them, then sang some more. It was like a proper, hard job. Non-stop. I can concentrate a lot more now.” Wow! Clearly, he’s not holding anything back anymore. The fact that Liam feels comfortable enough now to say how much he hated his life during the beginning of One Direction shows that he has grown from it and definitely doesn’t feel like that anymore.

It seems like what they all needed was a breather. They became famous literally overnight and then just rode that for years. Like he said, he didn’t even know what happened to his songs and couldn’t really focus on the craft. Now, it’s much different and he can look back on those days without the tears. It really was a good run.

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