Liam Payne is known for being many things: OG member of One Direction, singer, songwriter, a dad, a boyfriend, overall nice guy. But there's one aspect he's been ignoring until now. His secret connection to Jimmy Neutron. Yes, as in the animated boy genius.

liam payne confused

Allow us to explain: So Liam is no stranger to an ever-changing style, whether he's rocking a thick gold chain around his neck, buzzing his hair off, or adorning his body with intricate tattoos. But there's been one reoccurring similarity over the last seven years he's been in the spotlight and that's his uncanny resemblance to Jimmy Neutron. Liam happened to be a Twitter spree, responding back to fans who have naturally turned hilarious photos of him into memes — which he is all about — and he "liked" one tweet that basically highlights the fact that Liam has had one truly ~epic~ glo-up, since you know, he was once lil Jimmy.

liam payne jimmy neutron tweet

HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! Now the Jimmy/Liam theory has been around for a while, all thanks to Liam's hair. When his brown locks are more grown out and styled in a very specific way, he is literally the older version of Jimmy, hence the comparison. More proof:

The height on the hair is unreal. Something only Jimmy and Liam have mastered, clearly. Now while Liam wasn't a kid genius like our beloved cartoon character over here, he was singing at a young age, which qualifies in our minds as excelling at something most people can't master. So a kid musical genius is we're going with. It's just nothing but hilarious that Liam is finally acknowledging the comparison that has been lurking in the fandom for so long.

So while Liam is slaying life as a solo star and being a family man, he still makes time for some laughs every now and then and isn't afraid to embrace his inner kid and poke some fun at himself. Precious.

liam payne laughing

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