The internet is practically losing it over Liam Payne‘s Hugo Boss underwear campaign. Why? Well, brace yourselves, people, because the One Direction member is completely naked in the photos! Yep, that’s right. The singer just posed in the nude, and naturally, fans are freaking out about it.

The 26-year-old was joined by Stella Maxwell for the steamy photoshoot. The black and white pictures show both of them laying naked in bed together, with Liam’s swoon-worthy muscles and intricate tattoos on full display.

“It got very raunchy very quickly. I hadn’t been properly warned about the amount of nudity [photographers] Mert [Alas] and Marcus [Piggott] do in their work,” the “Strip That Down” crooner told GQ about the photo shoot. “It just ended up being a lot more naked than I thought it was — and for [Stella] as well. She was also naked. And I was just, you know, ‘Don’t look!’ She was naked behind me and I was thinking, ‘Liam, don’t look whatever you do.'”

The 1D heartthrob admitted that he was definitely nervous about posing naked in front of so many people.

“It was just a room full of five or six people and a h**l of a lot of tequila to get me to this level. I was standing there and all of a sudden it was, ‘Right, OK, take [your underwear] off.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Take them off? Off, off? Like on-the-floor off? Oh, my God,'” he recalled.

But what was he worried about most? Showing the photos to his mom, Karen!

“My mum is going to kill me,” the singer remembered thinking. “It was a lot of fun to shoot but my mum wasn’t best pleased. There’s this really raunchy shot of me and Stella, and I showed my mum. She took one look at it and gave me a clip round the ear.

As awkward as it was for him to shoot, Liam is pretty proud of himself for the campaign — as he should be!

“Before we landed the deal with Hugo I’d gone into my gym and said, ‘I’m going to get an underwear commercial.’ I just wanted to do it. I knew I could do it. And then it actually happened! And I worked my a** off,” he added. “It’s been a lot of training and being an athlete and working out — it became 90 percent of my job for the best part of a year leading up to that shoot, which was crazy. Come 2019 everyone’s a lot more open about body image and I wanted to get in shape. Not to show off my body to anyone else, I just knew that’s what would give the confidence on set. I didn’t want to arrive not ready and not looking like I’d worked hard to get there. But what a thing to do and then to go on to designing clothes for Hugo too — an amazing experience.”

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