The Internet has recently exploded over the fact that Liam Payne only follows Cheryl Cole on Instagram.

liam payne following

To be honest, this isn't that big of a deal. Can you imagine what would be said about him if he was ALSO following hundreds of beautiful models?!

Because Liam and Cheryl are dating and she most likely is carrying his first child, is another reason why this is totally normal!

Let's now take a trip down memory lane. Remember when Liam was dating Sophia Smith? Before they broke up he actually only followed her on Instagram, too. It seems like he does this with all of his girlfriends just to show how much he really respects and cares about them! He doesn't need to be looking at any other women, even if it's just on social media, when he has the love of his life standing right in front of him.

Not to mention lots of celebrity couples tend to do this. Now Kanye West doesn't follow anyone on the gram but when he did follow someone, you can probably guess who it was. Yes, his wife, Kim Kardashian!

Liam and Cheryl are obviously super committed to each other but we don't think that just because she is the only one he follows on Instagram should be a reason to say that they took their relationship to the next level!

Click through the gallery and check out the adorable pics of Liam and Cheryl throughout their relationship!

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