OBSESSED: Liam Payne Was the Literal Definition of Perfection on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'


In case you missed it (because all your electronic devices were somehow broken) Liam Payne was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to perform his new single "Strip That Down" and generally be a perfect human specimen. First of all, let's just pause about how cute it is that he wore a bear necklace that Cheryl Cole gifted him for Father's Day. Stop. But beyond that, we need to give props for how precious he was during Jimmy's "Secret Ingredient" segment.

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"Secret Ingredient" had Liam, Jimmy Fallon, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashton Kutcher trying to guess the secret ingredient in a series of dishes. Of the four, Liam definitely had the strongest stomach (he seemed unfazed while downing a white slice pizza with marshmallow fluff, might be a British thing) and generally was a delight bottom to top. Seriously we couldn't even deal with the amount of adorable, we can't stop re-living every moment of his time on The Tonight Show over and over again. Won't you join us in fangirling for a little while?

Like you'd think nothing could be more cuter than THAT SMILE.

He starts off on a high note

But then just look at how he's overwhelmed by all the utensils.

Luckily he played it cool around the spoon.

And as it would turn out Liam does not know how to spell licorice, despite asking Vanessa for some help

He is too pure for this world. Anyway, like we said, the main event is when he performed "Strip That Down" featuring Quavo and bb did such a good job. Like, look at this.

We zoom in on the cover for the single in which he is SHIRTLESS and you can see HIS TATTOOS

Jimmy Fallon is all of us right now.


And then he starts bumping to the opening beat and says "oh no" and we're also like, "oh no."

Because we might die, we might literally die.

Then he smiles at us and says, "You know I used to be in 1D."


And then he spins and it is immaculate

And then he promises he's not going to change and he just wants to "have fun and get rowdy."

And our hearts explode but it's fine.

Oh, and then when he puts his hands on his body.

And like we wish it could be us but we're sobbing at home and can reach him from behind our screens.

And then there are some lady background dancers parading around him but like that's ok we don't have to talk about it.

Hmph. 😤

Just...all of this.

We're just melting into the ground right now, whatever.

This little twist happens and it's incredible.

And then he paces and DOES THE MIC FLIP.


And then he finishes it off with this sultry stare, like...

Which like...

Can we just...

But seriously...

God we love you so much.