Liam Payne and Taylor Swift are two singers who have been appearing on quite a few stops of the annual Jingle Ball tour and they naturally were both on hand at Captial FM's Jingle Bell Ball in London. While Liam was on the red carpet gracing some reporters with his sweet presence, and talking about how he's performing these shows this time around solo without his One Direction bandmates by his side, Taylor happened to be on stage performing during the chat. This is something a reporter brought up and Liam ended up spilling a little tidbit that Ms. Swift had recently sent him a gift.

"She actually sent me a lovely little hamper of her reputation gear the last show we did and a little note. She's very good handwriting,if she did write it. I hope she wrote it! She could afford t have someone do calligraphy for us all! I got a little note from her," Liam said.

Umm, okay how crazy is that? No one would've thought Liam and Taylor were friendly enough that she would send him a little gift basket. And we've all seen her handwriting, it is lovely so Liam rest assured she did write that note to you herself. What's probably the best part of this story time is that the reporter who was talking to Liam seems to have been asking if it's weird for him performing without the 1D boys on his own at these shows and Liam took it as is it weird he sees Taylor at these concerts! LOL, well now we have this precious story so all good Liam. Check out the video for yourself:

It is all v interesting, since we all know that Taylor famously dated Harry Styles and that relationships basically went sown in flames. Taylor is happily dating actor Joe Alwyn now and Haylor was a thing years ago, so it's all water under the bridge clearly. Niall Horan, another 1D alum, has always been a fan of her music. Remember when he was singing her tune "Out of the Woods" during a One Direction book signing fans caught on camera? And yes, this a song about Taylor and Harry.

And not too long ago, he was asked when he stopped by a radio station in Germany if he would ever collaborate with Taylor on a song, and Niall admitted he would so down.

"I love Taylor. She's great, she's amazing. Of course, I'm always up for singing with anyone. it needs to happen more, more people need to collaborate more," Niall said. So there we have it. Both Liam, Niall and even former 1D singer Zayn Malik who already recorded a duet with Taylor, are all cool with her, despite any drama there may have been with Harry. Everyone can be friends, right?

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