Although they like to maintain their privacy, there’s one thing to know about Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse: if you have something to say about their relationship, Lili will defend it. A woman in love is a true force of nature – and in true Lili fashion, she completely shut down someone on Twitter to had, well, not so nice things to say about her love story.

The 22-year-old actress has been quietly dating her Riverdale co-star for quite some time now. Recently, both she and Cole have been getting more vocal about the fact that, yes, they are happily together. So when someone on Twitter tried to make rude comments about the Sprousehart relationship, Lili wasn’t having it. A Twitter user named Emily posted a screenshot of a conversation she was having with a friend regarding a past tweet Lili had sent out that most likely was about Cole.

While most fans thought this tweet was beyond adorable, Emily found it “cringey.” She and her friend declared that Lili isn’t cool enough to be dating Cole – that’s when Lili chimed in and had the most savage and hilarious response to this conversation.

lili reinhart drags fan tweet

QUEEN LILI HAS ARRIVED. Since the starlet has come into the spotlight, thanks for her breakout role as Betty Cooper, she’s used her platform to speak out about many issues that are impportant to her. And that includes defending herself and those she loves. Lili is forever grateful to Riverdale fans, but she’s all about still maintaining the fact that she is a normal human with feelings, like the rest of us. Let us never forget that time she took to Twitter to explain her side of events when a fan ran into Lili and her 26-year-old BF out and about one night. Ultimately, the actress felt like this fan invaded their personal space, which resulted in an interaction she referrred to as “not cool and inappropriate.” If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far about Lili, it’s that she’s always open and honest about her feelings.

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And don’t try to say anything about Sprousehart. Like ever. Girl doesn’t have time for it!

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