The Riverdale cast are total BFF goals on screen, but what’s their relationship like when the cameras aren’t rolling? Lili Reinhart sat down with Marie Claire, and she spilled all the tea on what goes on behind the scenes. Don’t worry guys, they’re just as close off-screen as they are in the show!

“We have always been really close — all of us — which is kind of remarkable, and we’ve stayed close which is great,” the actress revealed. “We’ve all got into a rhythm of finding our lives here in Vancouver and creating lives outside the show for ourselves. But we’re all very much still intertwined with each other.”

The 22-year-old also explained how she’s always been super shy, and that her Riverdale castmates have helped her come out of her shell. So sweet!

“I was very introverted when we met and I didn’t like to go out — I was kind of a home body. I still am, but I’ve definitely grown outside that a lot,” she explained. “It’s hard being an introvert and being famous. It is still weird when I have to go to a Comic Con and promote the show or when I do conventions where I go and meet fans —  if you would have told me five years ago that I would have to speak in front of a couple of hundred people, I would have said no way. My cast have definitely brought me out of my shell.”

Lili also dished about the epic flashback episode of Riverdale, which premiered last night, Nov. 7. The episode went back in time to when their parents were teens. And our favorite part? It had a SHIRTLESS SCENE with Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa.

“Filming episode four of season three was incredibly special — for all of us,” the actress dished. “The whole episode was really amazing. It’s our flashback episode where we all play our parents. It takes place in the nineties, and we all get to play these totally different people to our everyday characters — it was really fun. I think that it’s going to be a game changer for the show.”

Finally, the blonde beauty gave us a few hints about what other juicy surprises are coming this season and boy does it sound good.

“It’s going to get scarier which I feel is surprising. I think a lot of people didn’t necessarily know what to expect when we said the show was going to take a spooky turn,” she said. “But now I think they’re starting to see, from the creep factor of the Gargoyle King (and Ethel obviously under his spell) to the Griffins and Gargoyle’s manual spreading around school. It’s scary to think that all these kids are now going to be playing and to imagine the repercussions that it will have. There’s obviously something about the game that is very evil and it’s a matter of them getting to the bottom of it, which Betty kind of dives head first into.”

Scarier?! We can’t wait.

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