Rhinestines are *so* back! Limited Too is making a comeback the same year that J-14 Magazine is returning to stands — and it has us checking what year it is. While we gear up for our very own nostalgic comeback, we’re hoping we can hang up J-14 posters while wearing a glittery tube top and ribbon-embroidered jeans.

Keep reading for everything we know about the Limited Too renaissance.

Wait, is Limited Too really back?

We’re not kidding — Limited Too is back … well, sort of. Their current lineup is seriously limited, but the name’s still got investors excited. Apparently, the rights to the name are back with the original… folks? I’m no business expert, but here’s what I do know: their new stuff is all about athletic prep, not so much glow-in-the-dark glitter.

Fingers crossed for some sparkle in the future, though!

When is the Limited Too relaunch?

According to the brand’s Instagram account, we can expect buy some clothes that would make your 12 yourself jealous in July.

The brand first launched in 1987 as a spin-off from women’s clothing store The Limited. The brand spun off as Too, Inc. in 1999, according to Bloomberg, and shifted its focus to girls between the ages of 7 and 14.

Following the nostalgic news, millennials and Gen Z alike couldn’t hold back their excitement in the brand’s Instagram comments.

“Are yall coming back to our malls?! Don’t play with my emotions,” read one comment on the initial post. Meanwhile, on the second post one user shared the hope that the store would be returning with adult clothing, too. “Everyone’s going to be pissed if there’s no adult sizes,” wrote the user.

Will there be adult sizes?

It’s unclear whether the popular store that cemented itself in ’90s and early 2000s culture will be returning for kids or adults — but we’re praying it’s both. Catch me in a “bobby jack” T-shirt in 2024, ASAP!

Don’t freak, yet, though — as former Disney stars Aly and AJ Michalka were spotted wearing their own LT gear — which they posted about on Instagram on the anniversary of their iconic bop that is “Potential Breakup Song.”

Aly, star of Disney’s Phil of the Future, took a mirror selfie in an “LTD TOO” sweatshirt which she captioned “Cool Moms wear @limitedtoo #iykyk.”

For AJ’s part, she also got her own sweatshirt, which — and thank god — has rhinestones. “Cool aunties wear @limitedtoo 🩵,” she wrote under her own selfie.

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