Christmas Spirit: Ali Lohan Makes a Rare Appearance on Her Sister Lindsay Lohan's Instagram

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Well, well, well, look who it is on Lindsay Lohan's Instagram! LiLo's little sister Ali Lohan made a rare appearance in one of Lindsay's stories, and the duo is so cute together! The sisters dance, listen to Christmas music, and give plenty of hugs and we can't get enough! Watch the adorable reunion in the video below!

It sounds like Lindsay may have joined her sister in America for the holidays. In the video, the elder Lohan says she was "flying so long," which may have been a reference to the trip from London, where she's still living, to the good ol' USA where Ali resides. The girls seem so thrilled to be able to spend time together, and it's definitely fun for us to watch!

Ali, who now goes by Aliana, looks better than ever! She's grown into a stunning young woman with a fun short black bob, and she looks adorable in a cute long-sleeved black dress. She's still trying to make a music career work, though she's given up on being a reality star since her Living Lohan days.

Lindsay seems to be in really good spirits too. She's full of jokes and smiles, though she appears to have a hard time moving her face too much. We can't help but wonder if Dina or Michael Lohan will also be joining the festivities. Two days earlier, Dina posted a pic of Lindsay saying "We need our ginger mermaid back!" So it seems like she would be thrilled to spend time with her daughter, too.

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