Little Mix's song "Shoutout to My Ex" has a different meaning today for Jesy Nelson.

It's being reported that her and her fairly new boyfriend Chris Clark have called it quits. The whole thing comes as a total shock to fans. Jesy didn't flaunt their relationship but she wasn't one to hide it either. She recently posted a video of the two on Instagram, which has since been deleted, with the caption, "Not long now till I get to dance like I'm at a school disco to drake with this one ❤️?."

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Hmm…so why was it deleted? This has many people speculating that the two are no longer an item. It wasn't just that video that was deleted either – it was any and all trace of Chris on her Instagram feed. This is super upsetting especially because this was Jesy's first relationship after her engagement to Jake Roche ended.

A source told The Sun, "Their lives are so different, it was never going to work. Chris is a normal Essex lad, he's very private and low key. He likes spending time with his mum and mates and not being in the spotlight."


The source continued, "Jesy's life is a world away from his. She's a superstar, travelling the world and living in the spotlight. He got a taste of her lifestyle and it couldn't work – it's just not him. There's no bad blood it just wasn't working out between them."

Dating a superstar, especially when you aren't in the biz is extremely difficult. Most people think it would be incredible to get in on that glamorous Hollywood lifestyle but when the paparazzi chase after you day after day and headlines are being written about your romance, that's where the going gets tough.

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And Jesy isn't the only one to delete all of their couple photos on Instagram – as of this morning, Chris did the same. It seems like these two are really over. We can't help but wonder though, was it the current tour Jesy is on with Little Mix and Ariana Grande something that divided them up? Being on tour can put a strain on any relationship whether it be romantic, with friends or family. The stars on tour are constantly traveling and doing shows, it's hard to communicate with people outside of your entertainment inner circle.

It's possible that Jesy and Chris couldn't even find time to chat let alone see each other in real life. The positive thing about all of this is that the source said there was no bad blood when the break up happened.

Maybe, just maybe, Jesy and Chris can stay friends. As for Jesy's love life…on to the next one!

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