Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson has had her ups and downs when it comes to love. She recently broke off her engagement to Rixton superstar Jake Roche. It was super sad and shippers everywhere were really disappointed because a wedding for these two seemed like it was a done deal. There's no real word on when or why their relationship went south, but it did, and now Jesy has completely moved on!

A few weeks ago, she posted a photo of her and the new boy, Chris Clark, kissing on Instagram, which ultimately revealed that they are officially an item! It was exciting considering what she went through with the breakup. She posted this photo of her and Chris after the 2017 BRIT Awards with the caption, "9 hours later ❤️."

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Are you thinking what we're thinking? This couple is H-O-T. The new video she posted is even hotter and we can't get enough of it. Jesy posted the short clip with the caption, "Not long now till I get to dance like I'm at a school disco to drake with this one ❤️?."

YASSS, girl. So, if fans look closely, Jesy and Chris are in the same clothes as they were in the first photo. That only means one thing – it was the same night. So why is she posting these from the same night weeks apart on social media? WELL, Little Mix is currently on tour with Ariana Grande right now. And Jesy's caption makes us think that she hasn't seen Chris in a while.

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She hinted at the fact that it won't be long until she's back in his arms. So, this was probably the last time they saw each other and she couldn't help but post because she misses him so much. It's super adorable. While we're not sure whether Chris is going to fly to wherever Jesy is or whenever she gets a break from the Dangerous Woman tour, one thing is for sure – they look head over heels for each other.

A source previously revealed, "Chris is making the most of his time off by flying out to spend time with Jesy."

With every relationship comes sacrifices and it looks like that is exactly what Jesy and Chris are doing to make sure they spend time with each other. Our fingers are crossed that this works out and their love continues to flourish!

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