It’s no secret that Liza Koshy quickly rose to fame following her debut on YouTube. Over the years, the internet sensation has gained quite the following online and even gave fans an inside look into one pretty public relationship with the Vlog Squad’s David Dobrik. Now, when it comes to her love life, the social media star-turned-actress keeps things under wraps.

“There’s a lot that people know about me, yes, but there’s a lot that people don’t. That’s why I made skits and sketches and characters. I always wanted to keep something to myself,” Liza told Cosmopolitan in October 2019, noting that she would never make a breakup video again.

Despite the past public relationship, the Liza on Demand star said she has “no regrets, period.” Throughout her time in the spotlight, she has put most of her life online, with daily vlogs and Instagram Stories, but now is managing to keep some of the more private stuff, well, private.

“We needed to get our truth off our chests. Not that we owed it to the community — they deserved to know, but it was also for us. It was just our truth and we needed to live it,” she said at the time when talking about her and David’s breakup video, which has since been removed from YouTube. “Then as we were filming the video, it kind of went to an emotional place and I decided to be like, ‘Hey, you know what, this is my truth too. I’m going through a tough time, and I’m going to put it online.’”

Even though she seems to stay secretive about her relationship status, this hasn’t stopped her biggest fans from wondering if there’s a new lucky man in her world. It’s unclear where her relationship status stands at the moment, but Liza has learned to love herself over the years.

“I’m so proud to be healthy and love myself and be in this amazing place where I can have love and I can give it now,” the brunette beauty told Cosmo of her career. “I can host and I can act and I can create a show. I got to step outside of my living room that I was so scared to leave.”

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