YouTube sensation Liza Koshy is constantly referencing her biracial background. The "little brown girl" is half-Indian and half-white. Not only does her ethnicity provide material for her jokes, but Liza adds a little more diversity to pop culture. (And for that, we can all be grateful.) So, who are these parents of hers who raised the comedienne we all know and love? Meet Jose Koshy and Jean Carol Koshy-Hertzler!

Who are Liza Koshy's parents?

Jose and Jean Carol have been married for over 30 years now. They live in Houston, Texas, where the YouTube star grew up. So, does Liza Koshy have any siblings? The couple has two older daughters named Olivia and Rahel. They are 27 and 29 years old, respectively.

Liza frequently mentions her upbringing in her YouTube videos. Liza recalls that when she was little, her Caucasian mother would have to explain to people that Liza, is in fact, her daughter. She says she was raised in a strict household and often uses her experiences as jokes. In her video "WHY I TATTOOED MY ENTIRE BODY," Liza jokes that her dad is going to kill her for all the fake tattoos.

Unlike Liza, her family keeps a very low profile. You can't even find too many photos of her family on Liza's own social media pages. This makes total sense considering they probably didn't expect Liza to become an internet sensation and definitely didn't sign on. But one thing's for sure: having a famous daughter has some perks. When Liza went to the 2017 Super Bowl, she brought along her father, and when she went to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, she brought her mom.

Even if we don’t see them on Instagram all the time, it’s clear Liza has a super supportive family chilling in Houston while she pursues her dreams in Los Angeles. In the early days of her career, her family even occasionally appeared in her Vine videos.

When the star hit 4 million subscribers on YouTube, her parents recorded a sweet video, showing that they were watching the numbers tick up. Even if they don't live in the same place anymore, they're still the same proud and supportive parents. We can't thank her parents enough for having such a hilarious daughter.

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