YouTube star Logan Paul had a pretty scary encounter with a stingray during his recent trip to South Florida. On Tuesday February 4, the 24-year-old appeared on the latest episode of the YouTube series BlacktipH, hosted by Josh Jorgensen. Together, the internet stars went fishing for monster fish off the coast of Florida, but they also came in contact with some other sea creatures.

A few days after the episode premiered on YouTube, Logan took to his Twitter and gave his 5.3 million followers a behind-the-scenes look at his time filming for the show.

“That was close,” Logan captioned one clip.

The video he tweeted showed both him and Josh holding a stingray while crouching shallow water.

“It’s a spotted eagle ray,” the fisherman claimed to the camera. Logan added, “This is such a pretty creature.”

They were both petting the fish when it started to thrash in the water. Josh was quick to move away from the singray, but Logan stayed in place as the animal pointed its venomous tail at him.

“Oh! Whoa! Oh s**t!” he yelled, still holding on to the stingray’s body.

“Dude, you almost just died. It tried to stab you!” Josh told the YouTuber. “Oh my god!”

Logan was quick to roll out of the water and onto the dock.

Naturally, fans were concerned after they watched the video.

“I don’t think you realize how close you were to dying just now,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “You are one lucky human that’s crazy. The dude just left [you] there while he stepped away. Smart move to get the h**l outta that water.”

Even Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, commented on the post.

“I love how the professional guy f**king dipped on you,” he wrote referring to the moment when Josh backed away from the stingray.

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