Well, you guys, one of the most popular YouTube stars in the game might just be throwing in the towel for good. Why? Because Logan Paul just revealed on Instagram that he’s pretty much over being a YouTuber and that he wants to do more with his life. Say what?

Yep! The 23-year-old took to his Instagram Stories on March 23 to vent about the video platform and to explain why he sees himself going in a different direction in the future.

“YouTube’s dope,” he wrote. “Internet based content is awesome. but I have a veeeeeery deep desire to do MORE.”

So, what exactly does he want to do? Well, you might be surprised to find out that he’s interested in exploring a bunch of other areas of entertainment, and NGL, it doesn’t sound like anything is off-limits.

“Stand-up comedy. music. directing films. writing. I’m just stuck in a loop where my stupid millennial brain is satisfied with the instant gratification that social media provides. post a vlog. get views. post a pic. get likes… it’s like I’ve been conditioned to lack the patience of investing in the deeper art of entertainment.”

Clearly, the vlogger is extremely bothered by how much he’s relies on social media, which is why he feels he’s reached an impasse and needs to make a decision about where his life is headed.

“Do i continue making internet s–t? or do i take 1-2 years of low-profile character building to become a super entertainer?”

TBH, it sounds to us like the internet personality has already made his decision, which means his days on YouTube are most likely numbered.

“I don’t want to be a YouTuber for the rest of my life.” he wrote. “… In fact, I think being a ‘YouTuber’ is [wack]… it’s a very limiting pigeonhole that will not provide the longevity of stardom im looking for. SOME1 GIVE ME ANSWERS PLS.”

Of course, fans of the internet sensation will likely encourage him to continue making content so they can enjoy it long into the future, but is that really what’s best for Logan? Obviously, the controversial figure has much bigger plans for himself, and if you ask us, we think he should go for it! After all, what does he have to lose?

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