Did you know that YouTube star Logan Paul was born on April Fools’ Day? That’s right! The internet sensation known for his outrageous pranks on the video platform was born on April 1, 1995, so it truly all makes sense now. However, that’s not the only interesting fact we learned about the famous vlogger recently.

Yep! After discovering his birthday falls on perhaps the most ironic day of the year, we got super curious about other Logan Paul facts we simply weren’t aware of. And trust us, there are a bunch. From his childhood, to his high school days, to his YouTube career, there’s a ton we didn’t know about the vlogger — that is, until now.

Ready, fam? Whether you’re part of the Logang or not, it’s time to scroll through the gallery for some of the most mind-blowing info you never knew about the social media star.

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