New Look: Prepare Yourselves Logang, Logan Paul Just Debuted a Mustache


Logan Paul is known for his long, luscious hair. I mean, he has a whole music video dedicated to the famous mane. Well, the web star just debuted a rather manly makeover. Yep, that's right. Logan grew some facial hair, and the mustache he is rocking is something he seems to take such pride in. The internet sensation took to his Instagram Stories to show of his new look and provide multiple angles of his new stache. Now, it is not a full-blown one or anything – but the slight growth of the pencil-thin hair on his upper lip looks like its just the beginning of something much more bold. Watch the video below to see Logan Paul's new mustache.

So, what do you think? Fan of the mustache or not so much? All we're saying is Logan is the definition of unpredictable, so there's no telling if he's keeping this look around for a while or breaking out the razor.


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