We were all super excited for Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau after they officially tied the knot on Sunday, July 28. But according to the YouTuber’s brother, Logan Paul, don’t expect the marriage to last very long! InTouch caught up with the social media star at the wedding, and he admitted that he doesn’t think they’ll be together for long. Yikes… Make sure to watch the video above.

When the outlet asked the influencer if he was excited about what’s next for the newlyweds, he admitted, “No, absolutely not. I’m terrified.”

“I give it a month,” he joked.

As fans know, Logan didn’t even think Jake and Tana’s relationship was real at first.

“My brother is engaged. Is he though? Jake, are you?” he said during his “Impaulsive” podcast back in June. “My initial reaction was yes, this is a publicity stunt. Then I’m like, this is a dude with tattoos all over his body, he got an earring, he’s done some silly things and I’m not sure this is quite above him. I think he might’ve done it.”

Jake Tana Wedding
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After Logan and his friends reviewed all the clues, they decided that they didn’t think the romance was legit after all. But the 24-year-old told the magazine that although he wasn’t convinced at first, he finally believes that they do have real feelings for one another.

“I think everyone was hesitant until tonight. Like how are you about to dump three quarters of a million dollars into a wedding and not have it be somewhat realistic,” he said. “I really do think they love each other. I’m his own brother and it seems pretty real to me as far as, I don’t know, the feeling they have for each other.”

Tana also revealed via Twitter that Logan had finally come around.

“Logan finally believed that Jana is real and that we’re actually getting married and he literally started to cry,” the blonde beauty tweeted just three days before the wedding.

“Despite all the B-list influencers and stars at Jake’s wedding, it is a special thing,” Logan added. “Jake’s done a lot of things in his career that are great and so has Tana. And I’m excited that they get to do things together for the next, I give it a month or so.”

As fans know, the pair started dating back in April, and announced their engagement at the end of June. And now, they’re officially husband and wife! We can’t wait to see what’s next for the couple.

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