Sorry YouTube fans, but Lana was never going to happen! In his most recent upload, Logan Paul told his 20 million YouTube subscribers that his “date” with his brother Jake Paul‘s ex-wife Tana Mongeau was just a prank.

For those who missed it, the two social media stars took the internet by storm on Monday, February 17, when they were photographed cozying up during a lunch date at Joan’s On Third in Los Angeles. Hours later, the blonde beauty posted a brand new TikTok video and referred to the vlogger as her “boyfriend.” Naturally, fans were shook. Many people didn’t know whether or not to believe if this rumored romance was real or fake

Well, according to Logan himself, the entire thing was just a prank to “troll the entire internet” and teach people that “everything you see online is not always what it seems.”

On Wednesday, February 19, the internet stars pulled back the curtain on their “relationship” and viewers got an inside look at exactly how they pulled off the epic prank. The video started off with Logan and Tana hanging out together before he brought up the brilliant idea.

“You and I should get in a fake relationship in front of the paparazzi and troll the entire internet,” he said. Tana quickly agreed before they both decided that no one was going to tell Jake the plan.

When it came time to actually go on the date, both Logan and Tana couldn’t handle the awkwardness between them.

“I can say, without a doubt, it has been so far one of the most horrifying experiences of my life,” Logan said. Tana replied, “I couldn’t agree more!”

After the photos surfaced and articles about their “relationship” were published on the internet, Logan revealed that Jake was not happy when he found out. Jake sent his brother a long text about the situation and said that he was ignoring real feelings for content.

Upon reading this, Logan went to Tana’s and told her Jake was “very upset.”

“I just came over here to tell you that it worked, I’m breaking up with you and I have to go handle my brother,” Logan told the blonde beauty.

The video immediately cut to the Paul Brothers as they sat in a car to discuss the entire situation.

“It triggers like a PTSD in me with a situation that actually really affected me and it just hurts my heart, I guess,” Jake told his brother.

Logan became extremely apologetic and Jack quickly admitted that he didn’t care and he was pranking them back.

“I don’t care,” Jake said. “Go get your views bro.”

After the video went live on YouTube, Jake proved that he was on board with the entire joke when he took to Instagram and posted his wedding photo with Tana. Instead of his photo in the groom’s place, Jake photoshopped Logan in.

“Lana for life,” he captioned the hilarious pic. 

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