Logan Paul and Jake Paul are known for doing some ridiculous things, but the older Paul brother appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and took the cake for the most absurd thing either of them has ever said. Jimmy actually asked Logan what has been one of the most dangerous, dumbest things he's ever done while vlogging. Not to mention, this was AFTER Logan told him about wrestling an alligator. The patriarch of the Logang said that it was one time he legitimately wrestled a freaking bear that he realized how dumb it was.

The fact that it took him to be in the arms of an 800-pound bear to realize this is beyond anything I can ever fathom, but I digress. Logan said, "It was an 800-pound Kodiak bear… I wrestled a bear and like I don’t know how else to describe it cause you’re not supposed to do that, again, I was told not to. but, I did it." To be clear, Logan was told not to wrestle the alligator either.

Did he win the face-off? Logan continued, "I did. It took a little bit like, I don’t get scared often but when I was wrestling the bear I was like, 'Wow I could die right now. I could die 100 percent and so…" His voice trailed off and Jimmy jumped in asking, "Did you have fear when you thought that?" Well, I'd hope he'd have some sort of fear if he thought he was going to die, Jimmy. But, let's see what Logan said.

For reference, THIS is a Kodiak bear in case anyone was wondering.


"It was the first, I had to life check myself. I said, 'Yo, Logan, you are scared, you need to take precautionary measures.' And so I didn’t, and so at the lunch break, my manager was like, 'Hey you need to just go for it.' You could just tell I was like being scared of the bear….I dug deep and I said I've lived a good life, I’m 22, I’m ready to die, like if I die right now…"

HOLD. THE. DAMN. PHONE. There are so many questionable things with his testimony right now my eyes are rolling. Why the eff did his manager say he should do this? That's complete insanity. Second, he's ready to die? I beg to differ. Yeah okay, he may have had a very privileged past couple of years thanks to the Internet but 22 is so young. The fact that he said this is mindblowing. We want to think that he was joking considering he and Jimmy were laughing during the segment, but for some reason, I feel like he was not joking which is the craziest part.

Jimmy asked, "God forbid you had been killed by that bear, mauled by that bear, viciously, would the video have been released?"

Logan responded, "I made this in my vlog, I said I wanted it to be, I think it would go viral." That's it. Case closed. I'm shook. Logan is crazier than Jake and I'll never change my mind. He wanted his followers to see him actually die in a video and get mauled by a bear nonetheless? I actually can't even.

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