The Pearson family on This Is Us has truly stolen all of our hearts both on and off-screen and thankfully, the show is back on our TV screens tonight. Lonnie Chavis, who plays little Randall, happened to pay us a visit ahead of the brand new episode and in case you're wondering, he's as much of a gem IRL as his character is. The scenes between young Randall and his parents, especially with Papa Jack himself Milo Ventimiglia, have brought on their fair share of waterworks but in person, Lonnie is literally the cutest ball of energy. Oh, and did we mention that the 10-year-old is a rather skilled dancer too? He makes us sob every week and can also beat us in a dance battle. Watch the video above to see Lonnie give us a fierce dance lesson. And no, we're not nearly as talented as he is. Proof he's got some fire dance moves up his sleeve:

A true pro. Dancing isn't something we see a ton of Randall doing on the show since as an adult, he was a weather trader before he quit, of course. And lil Randall is often busy being a child genius, although he does love Michael Jackson and Weird Al, so the love of music is there. But Lonnie really can throw it down when it comes to busting out those moves. Let us not forget how he was the true star of a dance circle along with the Stranger Things cast at an Emmys after-party.

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LIFE GOALS. Naturally, we had to ask him to teach one of our editors to dance like he can — and yes, we embarrassed ourselves a tad bit to give you this quality content. For real though, young Randall needs to start showing off more of his dance moves on the NBC series. We all spend most of the time watching the show in a puddle of tears so maybe, just maybe, we can get some more glimmers of happiness in coming episodes, ideally with Lonnie breaking it down. It would be a delight, honestly. But until then, we'll just be here attempting to perfect our moonwalk.

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