We Needed More Pictures of Louis Tomlinson and His Baby, so We Went Ahead and Made Some

Louis Tomlinson / Instagram

In January 2016, Louis Tomlinson welcomed his son Freddie into the world. We met him on Louis' Instagram, and immediately we fell in love with the father-son pair. But in the year and a half since then, we haven't really gotten many pictures of this duo. Sure, we've caught glimpses here and there. A tiny hand, a little baby foot — but as for actual pictures of Louis and Freddie, they've been pretty rare.

It's clear that Louis sees his son plenty — but he's been pretty stingy about sharing with the rest of us. Luckily, Freddie's mom, Briana Jungwirth, shares plenty of pictures of their little lad — and so does Briana's family. So, we decided to do what any rational person would do and photoshop Louis and Freddie into pictures together.

If the One Direction guy doesn't want to share pictures of him and Freddie together, that's fine — but we're definitely going to make our own. Because we need them, you guys. We need these pictures. Check them out.

Sometimes you just need a nap, y'know? Louis let the little ones rest while a friend snapped the pic. Say cheese, Louis!

It's the classic father-son matching outfits! These two in their tracksuits — have you ever seen anything better?

Of course, he had to meet the rest of the gang! And the 1D boys are loving baby Freddie. They're hanging off his every word! So, of course, they asked him to walk the red carpet with them.

Freddie struts his stuff up and down that red carpet looking just as fierce as any of the other lads. We think he fits in great with the band!

And what good would a photoshop-magician be if we didn't put together a family photo? It only seemed right that these three had an official portrait, mum, dad, and baby. BTW, can you believe that the only time we've seen Briana, Louis, and Freddie all together as a family was at Freddie's first birthday? At least now we'll always have this photo to think of. Even if it's not, uh, technically real.

As great as these photos are, though, we'd rather have the real thing. So what do you think, Louis? Ready to share?