Louis Tomlinson is becoming a handsome silver fox — but it’s making my inner fangirl emotional. See the photos below and shed some tears for his signature shaggy brunette locks.

The former One Direction member, 32, was spotted fully embracing his silver fox vibes amidst Glastonbury Festival in June 2024! The singer sported some cheeky gray streaks peeking through, especially on the sides.

But that’s not all! Tommo, chilling with his squad and his sister Lottie Tomlinson, made quite the splash by bringing a whole TV to the festival grounds! Why, you ask? To catch the England football club’s UEFA match, as the festival organizers refused to screen it. Thanks to his epic move, Louis (and his fab grays) went viral across social media, even making headlines on the BBC! Talk about stealing the show in style!

While fans are absolutely swooning over his silver fox status on social media, for some it’s an indicator that we’re all getting … old.  “my teen heart is sobbing,” wrote one user, while another posted: “Looks so good! We call him Silverfoxlinson.”

Louis’ gray Glastonbury appearance comes amid rumors of One Direction getting back together. The rumors first began after former 1D member Liam Payne revealed that there’s a “new” group chat in an interview with Delicious TV in May 2023.

“When you look at it on paper, it’s like, ‘How the f–k’s it all gonna fit back together?’ We’re all making very different music, doing our own thing, all busy all the time,” Louis said of 1D reunion during a November 2022 interview with The Telegraph. “So, I don’t see anything happening for at least another 10 years, but you never know. It looks pretty jumbled. But I think there is a world where it all kind of fits together.”

However, it seemed he changed his tune a bit a few months later.

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