Some Directioners have been claiming for years that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are secretly dating. Even though the One Direction guys have denied the rumors, these shippers believe every move these they make is calculated just so people don't find out their true feelings for each other. The fandom has gone so far as to say that Louis' son, Freddie Tomlinson isn't real and just another cover up for this relationship.

Harry sent fans into a frenzy a couple of weeks ago when a follower reportedly direct messaged him asking Hazza to send an emoji if 'Larry' was real. (Larry obviously being the ship name for these two – in case you missed it.) AND Harry sent a green shamrock emoji back…cue the madness!

But, it seems like Louis is officially fed up with the rumor. If an Instagram user types the name 'Larry' into the comments section on one of Louis' posts it will show up just to that user but not publicly.

Fans have noticed this rather quickly since it has become the norm to comment that particular name. Now, they are trying to figure out ways around it so they can still write Larry somewhere on his feed. Some of the new, innovation if you want to call it, ways of spelling the name have been, "L A R R Y" or "Larryyyy."

There's no telling what Louis will do next. Clearly, he doesn't want to see the nonsense and if fans aren't careful, he could go full-fledged Justin Bieber on us and make his account private!

Maybe this is the One Direction cutie's final straw in telling the world that him and Harry really don't have a secret relationship. Or maybe he's just trying to conceal it EVEN. MORE.

Just. Kidding.


Do you think Louis will delete his account if this keeps up? Let us know in the comments below!

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