It’s safe to say that Louis Tomlinson, and his family, have been through a lot. As fans know, the One Direction singer lost his mom, Johannah Deakin, in 2016, and then his younger sister, Félicité, two years later. Now, his other sister, Lottie, has opened up about how the singer helped her deal with her grief after their tragic deaths.

“Louis is good. He’s very supportive,” she explained on Lorraine Kelly‘s ITV show. “I feel good now, it really helps me with my coping to raise awareness about things like this. I feel like I’ve got to a good point with my grief, so to be able to pass that on to people helps me with my grief.”

Louis Tomlinson Sister Felicite

The makeup artist has teamed up with a company called Sue Ryder, in an attempt to “encourage more people to speak openly about grief and to raise the profile of the online counseling service provided by the national healthcare charity.”

“Grieving in lockdown will be so hard, so it’s a really important time now. I want to use my platform to let people know about Sue Ryder’s services,” she continued. “Some try to deal with it themselves, but it’s really important that you don’t go through these things alone. That’s how you can get yourself in a dark place. It just ends up getting built up inside you and eventually you’re going to explode.”

Louis Tomlinson Sisters Felicite Death

For those who missed it, Johanna passed away after a battle with leukemia. As for Félicité, also known as Fizzy, she died from an accidental overdose.

“[My mom’s death] was really fast so we didn’t have time to process it. She was the best, she did everything for us, she was the sweetest, kindest woman,” Lottie explained. “I was able to deal with it a lot better with my sister as had already dealt with it. I had picked up good coping mechanisms and also got extra help when my sister died instead of when my mum died. That’s why I want to bring awareness to what Sue Ryder does. It does really help with the grieving process to go and see someone to talk to and be more open about it. It’s amazing what Sue Ryder does — you can get online sessions with a counselor. It’s amazing what they can offer. A lot of people can’t afford help, but you can get it for free.”

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