Luke Hemmings seems to be off the market again. That's right, the 5 Seconds of Summer singer has been spotted getting cozy with a stunning new girl, moving on from all the drama that came with his messy breakup from ex Arzaylea Rodriguez. Luke was leaving Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood holding hands with model and former beauty queen Nadia Mejia. Now of course when you're holding hands with someone, that doesn't mean you're a couple and these two could be just friends, BUT Luke seems like the type to hold his girl's hand, which we've seen him do before so we're going to go ahead and say these two are definitely dating in some capacity. So who is this Nadia?

Well, she's 21 years old and her dad is musician Gerardo, known for his 1991 hit song, "Rico Suave." Nadia won the title of Miss California USA 2016 and she even competed in the Miss USA 2016 pageant. She was a frontrunner in the competition making it to the top five, but she had a bit of a slip-up during the question and answer portion when she was asked about America's economy. She didn't win, but she was able to laugh about it all, so at least she has a solid sense of humor!

In Nadia'a defense, that's not an easy question to answer in only 30 seconds. The former pageant queen has also been very vocal about her personal battle with anorexia, writing in a very honest blog post about her journey and she now works with the National Eating Disorder Association. So she clearly has a lot going on! Luke is currently working on 5SOS' new album and the band has plans to head out on tour, so it will be interesting to see how this romance continues, although w're sure they can make it work. Fans will be happy to see Luke has moved on after rumors swirled that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. That is obviously something no one ever wants to deal with and it was most likely a hard time for the singer, so nice to see he's moving on.

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