It's probably safe to say we spend approximately 87.3% of our income on Lush products. It's a lifestyle, not a choice. Not only does it ensure we spell like an actual walking vanilla bean, but it keeps our Instagram grid looking lit in the process. Zero regrets.

So you can imagine the sheer horror whenever we get home from a busy day of celeb gossip, light a couple of tealights and run a bath only to find we're OUT OF BATH BOMBS. It doesn't even bear thinking about. Which is where Lush's subscription service comes in. HOORAH.

It's actually already available online in the US, allowing customers to click a fancy little 'order subscription' box and receive a snazzy new bath bomb between every 1 and 6 months; depending how obsessed you actually are.

In fact, you're not even gonna be limited to bath bombs. You can reorder any permanent item on the Lush site on said subscription service. Ah, just when we thought our bank balance was looking borderline healthy…

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.

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