Could it be possible that Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky are hanging out again? According to TMZ, the pair were seen at Avenue in Hollywood, California on Tuesday night with some friends. (TMZ’s story has since been taken down.) There is video footage of the outing as well, but there’s only one problem – Madison was allegedly stuck in an airport all night on Tuesday was seen by fans on Snapchat, which you can watch in the video below. Oh yeah, and the airport wasn’t even on the west coast. While it’s common for celebrities to post photos and videos to their Snapchat hours later for safety reasons, we have a feeling Madison really was where she said she was.

The “Dead” singer posted a series of snap chats from an airport in Boston, Massachusetts. We know this because she added a geotag at the bottom of a snap. The next geotag on her snap story was in Toronto. What the…we’ve got a mystery on our hands, YOU GUYS.

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The video TMZ posted shows the friends walking along the street. Fans can clearly see Jack’s face but the girl who is supposedly Madison never turns for the cameras to catch a glimpse of the front of her face. The girl in the video has dark hair and the same style as Madison for sure, but that doesn’t actually MAKE her Madison. She walks arm in arm with one of their friends to a white car which they all get in. Jack doesn’t answer the paparazzi’s question asking whether or not he’s seeing Madison again.

After looking closely at the video and reviewing all of the snap chats again, we think it’s possible that the girl in the video was not Madison. Maybe a friend, a girlfriend of one of the guy’s in the crew or someone new that Jack is seeing. It could literally be anyone.

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After everything that went down with Madison and Jack recently, we find it hard to believe she would be out and about with him so publicly this quick. In case you missed it, there was a rather disturbing audio tape that was leaked online of Jack and Madison in an argument where he was being verbally abusive toward her. Since then, he has apologized and Madison has since confessed she stayed with Jack for so long because she thought she could “fix” him.

Aside from that, it seemed like Madison was moving on from her former fling when she was caught getting super cozy with her bestie Brooklyn Beckham just last week. Again, nothing is for certain as Madison nor Jack have commented on Tuesday’s activities in California. But, judging by Madison’s snaps she was completely miserable in an airport after what seemed to be 300 canceled flights.

We’ve reached out to Madison’s reps for a comment.

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