During a YouNow chat with fans, Madison Beer opened up to her fans and all of those watching in the most surprising way. The singer talked about her career, her personal life, and even her sexuality. During the livestream, she spoke about the rumors that her relationship with Jack Gilinsky had ended saying that she wants people to respect her privacy and then she went on to discuss that she chooses not to label herself.

“I’m not a lesbian, but I definitely love girls. I think girls are the most amazing things to ever happen to the planet earth,” she said.

“I wouldn’t categorize myself as straight because I think labels are really weird. I think girls are beautiful and amazing and I think if I fell in love with a girl I wouldn’t be like, ‘[GASP] Oh my god I’m falling in love with a girl.’”

“I’ve been in love with a girl before and I just don’t think that’s anything bad. I’ve really genuinely fallen in love with a girl before and been like, ‘Oh my god,’” she added.

Wow! We had no idea about this. Other stars like Miley Cyrus have confessed that they too fell in love with girls in the past, even if they are currently dating a guy. We love Madison's courage and openness and hope that fans have a better sense of who she is a person after this chat.

Watch the full YouKnow stream below, and let us know what you think about her confessions in the comments!

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