Both Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky have released separate statements about the disturbing audio that leaked of the two involved in an argument where the Jack and Jack singer called the songstress disturbing names.

Fans have shared their thoughts on the matter, as did the “Dead” singer’s mother, Tracie Beer, who took to Instagram with her reaction in a post that has now been deleted. Now someone else is throwing in their two cents on the whole matter – Jack Johnson, who just so happens to be Gilinsky’s band mate.

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Jack recently decided to share his thoughts on the ordeal in a video on YouTube where he made shocking claims about Madison, and her three year long relationship with his band mate.

The video was met with surprise, and even got some trying to trend #MadisonBeerIsOverParty in the process. This prompted the songstress to get back on Twitter, and once again address the situation with a brand new statement.

Madison wrote, "I urged women to speak up and to learn from my foolishness. I now understand why it’s difficult for women to speak up and why I was so afraid to do so all the time. Why is the source of the video of the story? Why is the woman who was being abused being called a liar? Why am I to blame? What happened in the video is real. There is no going around that."

She continued to write, "I know what I have been through and will continue to be strong. You are not alone. I am sorry if social media presented a perfect relationship."

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Madison ended her statement by writing, "Take a stand. You will be called a liar, you will be put in the line of fire but do not let them silence you. I say this again, nothing is worth your safety or happiness. Speak out. That is all I have to have."

Was Jack's video unnecessary? Probably, considering both parties involved have said what they needed to about the matter, and only the two people involved should be addressing the situation.

Though what’s extremely important is the message the songstress is trying to get across, and it shouldn't get lost in the midst of all this. Speaking out is the most important thing someone can do if they find themselves in an unhealthy relationship.

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If you or someone you know might be in an unhealthy relationship, please call 1-866-331-9474, text: loveis to 22522 or visit

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