Together Again: Madison Pettis & Jason Dolley Had the Cutest 'Cory In the House' Reunion

Disney Channel

Madison Pettis is forever known for her role as Sophie, the sassy AF, mischievous daughter of the President who was known as "American's Angel" on Cory In the House. The That's So Raven spinoff series focused on Raven's brother Cory and their dad Victor moving to the White House since he snagged the job of head chef there. The show only ran for two seasons, but it's still a Disney Channel classic. Madison even treated us all to a recent CITH reunion. She ran into Jason Dolley, who played Newt, and took to her Instagram Story to post the cutest pic of their reunion.

Seriously how happy do they look to have run into each other? And seriously, shout-out to Madison for always being the one to share these super cute pics with us all. Back in September of 2017, she ran into Maiara Walsh, who played Meena. And it's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the show first premiered! Madison posted the girls' cute selfie on her Snapchat.

Plus, we can never forget when Madison ran into Kyle Massey at a concert, giving us another mega adorable Cory In the House fam reunion.

So basically, we have Madison to thank for all of these heartwarming reunions and now we believe she has the power to bring the whole cast together at the same time. She keeps running into everyone on her own, so why not get the all of the castmates to reunite? If anyone can do, it's our girl Madison. No pressure. But we would all love for it to happen.


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