Get ready, guys, because the Martinez Twins are about to be your new musical obsession! Yep, Ivan and Emilio Martinez just dropped their brand new single “La Dieta,” and it’s a total bop. Yeah, ever since the track officially dropped, we’ve been listening to it on repeat.

But that’s not all! Before the song hit the airwaves, J-14 got a chance to catch up with the brothers and we talked all things music. That’s right, not only only did they spill some tea on the upbeat tune, but they also teased their upcoming EP and dished on the possibility of them going on a world tour.

J-14: Tell us about your new single “La Dieta.” What’s it about? 

Martinez Twins: “La Dieta” is a Reggaeton song and it means “the diet” — the translation means “the diet.” The meaning behind the song [came from] the girls that are with us, she doesn’t break her “diet” because she’s loyal [in the relationship]. She has other boys trying to flirt with her but she stays loyal to you.

J-14: What was the inspiration behind the song? 

Martinez Twins: When you’re in a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend, you want a loyal person in the relationship. In the moment, we were thinking about wanting to have a girl that’s really loyal and [someone] that we can trust. We thought about that idea and we wrote “La Dieta.”

J-14: Can you tell us about your writing and recording process?  

Martinez Twins: It was really fun because, at first, we had the beat. Damon Sharpe gave us a really cool beat and we were quarantined with our friend, Cacares, and asked him what we should do. He started doing the lyrics and we jumped on it.

J-14: What was it like filming the music video for the song? Where did the idea for the video come from? 

Martinez Twins: We shot it in Spain during quarantine with one of our best friends (Oriol Cañis Pradas), he’s a filmmaker. He has been working with us for like a year and a half already, here in Spain, because we have been doing a lot of social media stuff with him. So, we gave him the opportunity to shoot the music video. It was really cool, we were shooting a big house with a bunch of friends and we had the idea to make it like a story. There’s a huge story behind the music video, and we love it. It’s really different than [our other song] “Paraíso” because we wanted to do a really cool love story behind it. So, the music video is basically us helping our best friend to get a girl.

J-14: What was it like filming the “La Dieta” music video in quarantine?

Martinez Twins: It was really different. It was kind of sketchy because we needed a lot of people for the music video, and we couldn’t have a lot of people because there was a limit [due to quarantine]. So, we had only 15 people in the house and it was really sketchy because one person had to do three jobs and, it was hard, but we were all helping. Even our mom, our mom’s boyfriend — they were all helping. It was really familiar and I think that was really special. It was like a sketchy, but at the same time we had the people that we trust and it was really cool.

J-14: With all your friends in one big house together, were there any funny behind-the-scenes moments from the music video set?

Martinez Twins: There were a bunch of funny moments because we all had to stay at the house and the house only had six bedrooms. So, everyone had to share a room and it was really, really funny because we had to share the room with our friend and he had to sleep on the floor. here was no more room for him, so we gave him our pillows and he put them on the floor. It was really, really fun.

J-14: Aside from “La Dieta” you guys also released a song called “Paraíso.” Can you tell us what it’s about?

Martinez Twins: We had the idea and we wrote it, and it was really cool because we had a week to write, and it was really special. That was our first song we recorded in Los Angeles and we filmed the [music video] in LA, and we were really nervous because it was our first time. The story behind [the song] is when you got to a party and you have that love at first sight with a girl.

J-14: You guys are gearing up to release your upcoming EP, can you tease what fans can expect to hear?

Martinez Twins: It’s called La Revolución, which means “the revolution” and for us it’s really special cause means “our change.” Coming from Spain with literally like nothing, just dreams and going to LA to do social media, and then changing to music is just our revolution. We want to make our dreams come true and I think you need that. You need a revolution to hype you up and make it happen. La Revolución is our music to share with our fans and our dreams.

J-14: Can fans expect to see a tour sometime in the future?

Martinez Twins: That would be amazing, we would love to! Hopefully, next year we will have [a tour]. We want to bring our songs everywhere. We like to perform and dance. The most special thing is to see our fans and sharing our songs. We hope to make it happen.

J-14: Do you guys ever argue when it comes to making music or even your YouTube videos? If so, about what? 

Martinez Twins: Yes, we’re twins. We’re literally the same person, but we have different feelings and different characteristics. So, we argue all the time, but we make it happen. We work really well together, it’s easy, but we argue. When we do music, [Emilio] is more of a singer and [Ivan] is more of a rapper so we work really well.

J-14: Speaking of YouTube, what’s it been like creating content while in quarantine?

Martinez Twins: It’s been really different. We had opportunity to have our friends here before we were locked down in Spain, so it’s been pretty good. We have our filmmaker here and have been doing a lot of stuff together. We had the time to think about content and the videos, we did a good job.

J-14: Any tips for fans who are feeling negative during quarantine?

Martinez Twins: We say everything is in your mind, if you feel bad try and change it — try and be positive and find other ways to do what you love. It may be hard but try not to think the negative thoughts. We were so grateful we could still do livestreams and talk to our fans and express our love during this time. Do what you love and don’t even think about other people.

J-14: What’s next for you? What are you working on?

The Martinez Twins: We did a show, it’s our first time acting. It’s called “The Flu” and it’s about everything that happened during quarantine. We’re really excited for it to come out and share it with all of our fans!

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