If you aren’t already, prepare to become obsessed with Maximo Rivano. The TikTok star has gained more than one million followers on the video streaming app, and we cannot stop watching his videos! But besides posting hilarious content to the platform, he has also stepped into the world of fashion and launched his very own clothing brand, MX Wear.

J-14 just caught up with the influencer, and he spilled on what inspired the new line, his favorite social media stars that he likes to watch, what it was like to gain so much attention online so quickly and so much more.

J-14: Can you tell us a little bit about your newly launched clothing brand?

Maximo Rivano: My parents own a company called Chameleon Method, where I took an internship as a graphic designer in the summer of 2019. During the internship, I created the logo that is now front and center on my merch line MX Wear. MX represents Maximo for short.
 We have had three drops so far, and the response has been amazing. Stay tuned for the fourth drop coming up!

J-14: What inspired you to start working on clothes?

Maximo: I’ve always noticed in the past, artists and creators with big followings coming out with some kind of a clothing line, and I figured I’d give it a shot. Thanks to my dad having the resources available, I was able to make the dream come true. Looking back at it now, I was actually one of the first TikTokers (that I watch at least) to come out with some kind of clothing. I think that’s pretty [cool] that I can say I was early on that train. My first drop of MXWear, I was around 200,000 — 300,000 followers

J-14: You’ve gained a lot of followers pretty quickly, what was that like?

Maximo: Gaining followers definitely came with that sense of excitement for sure. It was intriguing and super cool to experience, and growing was a really fulfilling thing to see when it happened so fast. It made me feel like the content I was putting out was getting a super unique kind of engagement back, and that felt amazing. I never thought I’d get that feeling of being a creator like those that I had grown up watching. It was fascinating to see those kind of numbers on my end for the first time, and I’m very thankful for that.

J-14: Can you remember the first time you were noticed in public?

Maximo: It definitely was with the Trio [made up of Maximo, Mark Anastasio and Luca Lombardo], walking around our local downtowns last summer and throughout the school year. I believe one of the most memorable times that we were recognized most frequently was at a dinner at a popular restaurant in Connecticut with the Trio and Charli [D’Amelio], that was a great time and experience.

J-14: What is your favorite TikTok/YouTube video that you’ve ever made?

Maximo: My Favorite TikTok video has to be either the Trio Glo’ Ups video that performed super well and received around 1.3 million likes or the solo videos of me dancing with Adobe After Effects added on. I have a couple of those on my page that are super sick, and I love to look back at them all the time. As for Youtube, I can’t decide, I enjoy the process of making each one but my top the are definitely my first video, dancing with the Trio, cliff jumping with the boys, or my Q&A because I was able to interact with my fans first hand.

J-14: How do you come up with ideas for your videos? What do you use for inspiration?

Maximo: I typically use the For You page on TikTok for a lot of my inspiration, or trending videos that become popular that can help me get some extra attention or growth. I just love putting out stuff that makes me happy, and I am glad to see all of it get such a great reaction. Dancing is a big part of that across my content.

J-14: What TikTok stars/YouTubers do you look up to?

Maximo: I definitely look up to my two friends Mark and Luca who have consistently put out content since we each started, we all keep each other motivated and check in all the time, and only wish the best for one another. Outside of my circle, I’d say I look up to some other big creators on the app that I see continue to put out content and are constantly making big moves such as, Charli D’Amelio, Josh Richards and many more. YouTube wise, I watch stuff all over the place, from gaming, to vlogs, to just funny shenanigans. Some Inspirations are definitely Tanner Fox, David Dobrik and the artist MARKO.

J-14: What’s it been like filming content while in the coronavirus quarantine?

Maximo: It made it a little easier because I had more time at home to prepare and things along that manner. I’d say the most difficult thing was coming up with ideas because nobody could go outside, and we were all put in this very new space in our lives. Inspiration wise, it wasn’t the easiest, but once you had an idea, preparation wasn’t very difficult because of how much time we all had quarantining at home.

J-14: Any advice for people feeling down during the coronavirus quarantine?

Maximo: I’d definitely say try new things, and to stay in contact with your friends and family as possible. Quarantine definitely had me get back into gaming very often and that was fun to get back into that hobby.

J-14: What can fans expect to see from you in the future? What’s next for you?

Maximo: I’m excited to say that I will continue working hard on producing as much content as possible for all my supporters that have been with me through it all. Expect to see some more diverse and some Spanish content as well. Don’t forget to stay tuned to MX Wear, and make sure you sign up on the website to be notified when the 3.0 drop comes out.

J-14: What’s one major thing you want to accomplish with your platform?

Maximo: I want to be able to reach a bigger audience and have some kind of impact on my fan’s lives. Whatever it may be, whether it’s making their day, or educating them about something that can benefit their future, or our future, as young people. I also would love to continue to grow and have the opportunity to travel and to connect with many more supporters from around the world. The more people I can make happy, the better I’ll feel about why I do what I do.

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