Enough about season 2 of Maxton Hall, fans want to know about the stars’ love lives when the cameras stop rolling!

Since the debut of Maxton Hall in early May, viewers have been captivated by the on-screen chemistry between Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten, who portray James Beaufort and Ruby Bell, respectively. Their evident bond during red carpet events and their authentic affection for each other on social media haven’t gone unnoticed.

Moreover, at the black carpet premiere for Maxton Hall, Damian and Harriet stole the spotlight with their exchanged glances and shared smiles, showcasing a camaraderie typically associated with romantic partners. Yet, amidst swirling dating speculations, some speculate whether their close bond is merely a meticulously planned publicity ploy orchestrated by the show’s creators to generate buzz and enhance viewership.

Nevertheless, the true nature of Damian and Harriet’s chemistry remains ambiguous, as both actors have neither confirmed nor denied the romance rumors, leaving fans and media alike to ponder whether it’s genuine or a shrewd PR tactic.

ICYMI, Maxton Hall chronicles the journey of two students from an esteemed English private school: James Beaufort, a wealthy and haughty young man, who tries to silence Ruby Bell with bribery after she stumbles upon a significant secret. As their story unfolds, James endeavors to maintain Ruby’s silence through financial means, only to discover unexpected parallels between them. Adapted from Mona Kasten‘s book trilogy, Maxton Hall delves into themes of social class privilege, scandal, and unlikely connections.

Season 2 of the show was confirmed on May 17, 2024. The news came after the show became Prime Video’s most-watched international show of all time in its first week.

“I hope that the message of the show really holds up,” Damian told TVLine regarding a potential next season prior to the renewal news. “When there’s love, there’s nothing in between that can stop them. They can overcome those obstacles that they have and the circumstances to actually be able to be together.”

That being said, some of the Maxton Hall stars have also had a few public relationships over the years. Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of the Maxton Hall cast’s love lives!

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