If you’ve been keeping up with Season 3 of Andi Mack, then you know A LOT has been going on. One of main plot points of the entire series is Andi and Jonah’s relationship and fans patiently waited for Andi and her longtime crush to finally get together. Well, as we all know by now though, the couple broke up early on in Season 3 and now, Jonah has a new leading lady.

The upcoming episode called The New Girls that’s airing on Nov. 30 introduces us all to Jonah’s new girlfriend, Libby. As we know, Andi and Jonah did what they’re calling the “no breakup, breakup,” since they didn’t want to be a couple anymore but still want to hang out and be friends again. So they did just that and now Jonah has a new girlfriend he introduces to Andi. So who is Libby?

Jonah Beck New Girlfriend Libby
Disney Channel

Well, what we know so far is that Andi tries to talk to Libby, and Andi doesn’t get a response, thinking that Libby was icing her out. But later on in the episode, Andi finds out that Libby is deaf and she simply didn’t know Andi was trying to talk to her. Andi knows some sign language — unlike Jonah who just texts Libby all day — and both she and Libby have a lot in common, like they make their own headbands. So it looks like the girls might just be friends after all! The actress that plays Libby is 15-year-old Millicent Simmonds, and her role on the show is a reoccurring one, so this won’t be the only time we see her. Millicent is best known for starring in the movies Wonderstruck and A Quiet Place and like her character on the show, she is deaf.

But we honestly can’t wait to see what type of drama Libby is going to cause for Andi and Jonah. Will they soon realize they might not be able to just go back to being BFF again like nothing ever happened between them? Or will Libby and Andi end up becoming such good friends, they even start hanging out without Jonah? This show always keeps us on our toes but for now, Jonah and Andi are back to being just friends and Libby looks like she’s here to stay.

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