YouTube star Meg DeAngelis has a brand new self-directed five part comedy miniseries called It's A Girl Thing, and the first episode of the series will appear on her MayBaby channel on May 1st. New episodes will air each Sunday and will depict funny scenarios Meg and her bestie Astrid (played by Carrie Rad) get into in order to plan the ultimate bday party for Meg.

Meg exclusively told J-14 about her new series, "It’s A Girl Thing showcases everything I’m about on my YouTube channel. It’s light-hearted and fun, and follows in the same style of content as my other videos. The cool thing about it however, is that it’s also scripted, higher quality, and gives my fans a consistent storyline."

She continued, "I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to act in and direct It’s A Girl Thing, because it’ll serve as an example of what content creators can do with YouTube as a platform, and I think my fans are really going to like it!"

We think so too! Check out a description of the premiere episode:

"The premiere episode of the series follows Meg through a peaceful morning that is unexpectedly shaken up when Astrid arrives in town to help Meg plan her birthday. Filled with hilarious moments, from an embarrassing encounter between Meg and the boy next door to a pancake batter fight in the middle of Meg's kitchen, the episode showcases Meg and Astrid's sister-like bond and foreshadows the series of comical and cringe-worthy events that are bound to ensue leading up to Meg’s 21st birthday."

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