YouTuber Meghan Rienks has asked her fans for help! On Monday, March 2, the 26-year-old uploaded a new video to her main channel and explained to her two million subscribers that her secondary vlog channel had been hacked and completely rebranded. She explained that she decided to go public with her struggles because YouTube had failed to help her get her channel back.

In the 45-minute video, Meghan told viewers that the entire situation started in October 2019, when both of her channels had initially been hacked. At the time, she was able to log back into her main channel, but saw that all her videos had been hidden and that her subscribers were unable to watch them. So, she emailed the video streaming platform for help and received a series of automated, unhelpful responses. She said that, eventually, the person she had been interacting with via email told her that they didn’t find any issues with her channel. Ultimately, her main channel was restored, but she continued to face issues with her vlog channel.

In January 2020, she discovered that her vlog channel — which used to be under the name Meghan Reinks — was now under a completely different name and featured makeup videos that were reposted from Instagram. She noticed that the hacker had also deleted her email account, so she was unable to recover the secondary channel at all. So, Meghan messaged YouTube for help once again.

Throughout the lengthy video, Meghan recounted all her email exchanges with YouTube and for months, she only received repeated responses from the site saying that they will “circle back” with more details soon. After months of no reply, YouTube told Meghan that they had found no evidence of hacking on her vlog channel, even though it had been completely rebranded. They also sent her security tips to further protect her account.

On February 23, 2020, the internet star made the decision to involve her fans. She took to Twitter and wrote, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME @ytcreators???? MY CHANNEL WAS HACKED, REBRANDED, AND THEY’RE UPLOADING CONTENT. WTF???????” alongside screenshots of the hacked channel.

Her message gained the attention of fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, retweeted her message in an attempt to help. Then, the tweet went viral.

“Hey @YouTube @ytcreators @TeamYouTube, this is really scary. Help?” he wrote at the time.

After Shane’s tweet, YouTube emailed Meghan back and said her claim was a “high priority,” they also direct messaged her on Twitter. While she was in the midst of a DM conversation with a YouTube representative, Gigi Hadid also DMed Meghan on Twitter and gave her the name of a direct contact who would be happy to help. The model explained that she had watched her videos and wanted to help.

So where does the situation stand now? Well, although she still doesn’t have access to her vlog channel, Meghan said that she discovered her channel was sold on a hacker forum for $500. On Tuesday, March 3, Meghan updated fans via Twitter that she was finally hopping on a call with YouTube. But the next day, she posted a selfie of herself crying and said the call “wasn’t great.”

We hope you get your channel back soon, Meghan!

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