If you tuned in to watch the series premiere of The Bold Type on Freeform last night, then you know the show is filled with a ton of juicy romance. And we have Meghann Fahy and Sam Page to thank for that. Their characters Sutton and Richard have quite the connection, and we couldn't help but wonder what it was like filming those intimate scenes IRL. Lucky for you, J-14 caught up with the stars – and they spilled everything.

Turns out, they have completely different reactions to the process of shooting the hot and heavy scenes. Meghann thinks it was totally awkward, while Sam couldn't be more chill about it all. Interesting…

Meghann tells us, "Well, intimate scenes are always super awkward – and that is the truth. I know everybody says it, but it really is true. Luckily, we have an amazing cast – and everybody is really good friends. So it makes for a more comfortable experience. It's kind of ideal to sort of just get along with everybody – because the opposite is like if you really don't like the person, and you have to kiss them, you're like, 'This is a bummer!' But no, we all get along so well. And I think that really shows."

Sam, on the other hand, didn't get an awkward vibe at all.

sam page the bold type

"What you don't see is the hundred and fifty people behind the camera. They're just all there, and everyone's like, 'Oh do you want to go change?' When I'm wearing a suit, and they'll be like, 'Listen, we need you to change up here to save time.' I'm like, 'Okay!' They're like, 'Do you want like a special room?' I'm like, 'Everybody has already seen me in my underwear for an entire day. Like no, I can do it right here.'"

LOL! We bet no one's complaining.

He adds, "It's not nearly as awkward as you would think. Like maybe the first time you do it maybe, but after a while – as long as everybody's being respectful and professional, it's fine."

Well, something tells us there will be a lot more swoon-worthy scenes where that came from!

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