Who doesn’t love following Bella Thorne’s adventures on her social media? It seems like every day she’s up to something new, exciting, and totally her. Her career is kind of the same way! Bella’s upcoming film, Midnight Sun, is a tried and true romance! Her previous movie, The Babysitter, was a gory comedy, so it looks like now she’s shaking things up.

Finally, the first trailer for Midnight Sun is out! In it, we meet Bella’s character, Katie Price, a music-obsessed teenager just waiting for life to begin. Everything changes when she meets her longtime crush, Charlie, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger. See how it all plays out in the video below.

We’re so excited to see Bella in action with Patrick Schwarzenegger, and even more interested to see how this tricky love story pans out. If you’re not convinced, the poster might just win you over.

midnight sun

Talk about chemistry! Bella and Patrick already look like the perfect couple. If Bella weren’t head over heels for her man, Mod Sun, we’d be shipping these two immediately. Aside from their major chemistry, there’s one little reason we’re pumped for Midnight Sun. Bella Thorne’s character plays the guitar! Honestly, can’t wait to see Bella’s musical side. Hopefully, she sings, too. Bella has been open about not really wanting to be a singer, but it must be fun to belt out a few bars since she’s released music in the past.

In Midnight Sun, which is based on a 2006 Japanese film of the same name (and not Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight spin-off), Bella’s character Katie Price has a super rare condition which makes going out into the sun a life and death situation. But when the sun goes down, a whole world opens up before her. Katie loves heading out to a train station after dark to play guitar for travelers. After years of secretly admiring Charlie, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, they finally meet. Sparks fly instantly. Torn between Charlie, who doesn’t know about her illness, and her protective father, Katie has to make her own dreams come true.

Midnight Sun is coming to theaters across the United States on March 23, 2018. Keep your eyes out for more info on this epic love story.

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