It seems like the biggest question floating around Hollywood is whether or not Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are married. If it’s not that, it’s when will they get married? Why haven’t they gotten married yet? It won’t stop. Miley has finally put the rumors to rest when she chatted with The Sun on Sunday newspaper and revealed that she doesn’t see marriage in her immediate future. Yeah, we know, if you’re Miam shipper this might be a blow right to the feels. But, she made some valid points and just because she doesn’t want to walk down the aisle just yet doesn’t mean there is any trouble in her little Malibu paradise.

“I don’t envision marriage. I’m 24. I hope I get to live a little bit more. I have too much living to do [before I get married]…Three years ago, if you’d asked me if I’d be here, this happy with this man, I’d have been stunned. I’m just riding this out. In some relationships, you lose yourself by being with someone else. Actually, it made me find myself more. I have no idea what the next three years will bring, but if it’s possible to get even happier, I’ll take it,” Miley said.

Aww! So basically, even though she doesn’t want to put on that white dress and be the bride everyone wants her to be right now, it will probably happen eventually. It’s clear Miley is completely head over heels for Liam and nothing is going to change that. The Hannah Montana star opened up even further about the details of her relationship with Liam. Unbeknowst to the world, they really have been friends all along – even when they were not together at all!

“I didn’t know [we’d get back together]. I’m so crazy I have no idea. But I had something in my heart, it never felt like it was really over. We kept a great friendship really private,” she said. So, yes when we all thought they were so over each other, they were probably secretly texting. Maybe even meeting up and hanging out just as friends. Who knows. But, the reality is, they never lost sight of their love for each other and we’re TEARING THE EFF UP OVER HERE.

Miley even revealed she feels like nothing has changed between them all these years later. “It’s good for people to have that space to grow individually. Otherwise, when you’re with someone from 16 until 24, you grow into the same person. We got to become individuals. I hope everything stays the same. It feels like nothing changed except we grew up a lot,” she explained.

Fans have been wondering if Miley would explain this growing up phase or growing back to each other thing that happened between her and Liam on her next album, Younger Now. Finally, we may have some answers. The songstress released the track list for her sixth studio album and literally half of the songs could be about Liam, so we’re freaking out. She posted this short video clip on social media without a caption but it obviously speaks for itself.

Stopppp IT. We all know “Malibu” is about the Hunger Games star but it seems like, “Week Without You”, “Miss You So Much”, “I Would Die For You”, “Love Someone”, and “She’s Not Him” could also ALL be about Liam. It’s fascinating because for being such a private person and a notoriously private couple, this album could really give some insight into how they feel about each other. It could also bring up things from their past, from the break they took in their relationship and make sense of it all now.

Obviously, Miley is done hiding her love life and we’re all here for it. This interview was one of her most candid interviews in years and it seems like the album will be nothing short of that either. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some of Liam’s point of view, or what Miley thinks Liam’s take on all of this is when the album drops in 11 days. We have a feeling his ideas aren’t too far off from hers.

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