The entire Cyrus family has always been supportive of each other, whether it be in the public eye or behind closed doors, which shows just how strong of a bond they all have. Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus (who recently perfomed at Pandora’s Sounds Like You: Summer concert) are probably the closest of all the siblings. Just recently they introduced each other at two different performance gigs, and their faces literally lit up. They were so excited to cheer each other on in a musical space. Not only that, but Noah also joined Miley on stage at the iHeartSummer concert in Miami, Florida. It’s obvious these two had chemistry up there. However, when it comes to texting, the celebrity sisters aren’t always on the same page.

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The “Malibu” singer answered some questions for the Ask Anything Chat on YouTube over the weekend. Between naming all seven of her dogs to revealing where and why she wrote her newest hit single, the most compelling answer Miley gave was about her little sister. One fan asked, “Can you text Noah and tell her that the two of you need to record a song together?” You’d think that would be a no-brainer. But, not so fast.

Miley answered, “Ugh, if she’d ever text me back…Yeah, I text Noah all the time and she never texts me back.” How rude! Of course, Miley was probably half joking around. We’d like to think that if she was really serious about recording a song with Noah and sent her ten texts about it then Noah would respond. Maybe they just haven’t had a real conversation about it yet.

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We’re crossing our fingers that Noah decides to respond at some point over the next few years because we think a duet between these two could be mega successful. Their voices are similar, yet have their own unique tone. At this point, it seems like Miley would be so down for the idea of a duet. We’ve just got to get Noah on board. Or we’ve just got to get her to look at her phone.

I mean, if Miley was texting me about literally anything I’d probably answer in .5 seconds. But, then again, Miley isn’t my older sister either.

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