A new era of Miley Cyrus is upon us. The singer kicked off the summer by dropping “Malibu,” and in the process admitting that a new album was on it’s way too.

So of course fans have been itching to get a first listen to what this new wave of Miley is going to be like. Luckily, everyone is one step closer to that seeing as the former Hannah Montana star released her follow-up single “Younger Now.”

The song clearly seems to be about change and growing up, seeing as the first words of the song are, “Feels like I just woke up / Like all this time I've been asleep / Even though it's not who I am / I'm not afraid of who I used to be.”

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It looks like the “Wrecking Ball” singer isn’t the slightest bit afraid of who she used to be, as fans across the internet have noted – she’s paying tribute to her old videos in this new one.

“Start All Over” is the most obvious one, with a shot of her waking up. Comparisons to “The Climb” also got the Internet ablaze when she sang along to the guitar, and who can forget that “Can’t Be Tamed” video?

Fans were quick to assume that the scene in the video with the doll was oddly reminiscent of a scene in the “We Can’t Stop” music video, but Miley confirmed on Instagram that it's actually her with her much younger self. She even got it right down to the outfit!

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Change is a huge part of any artist’s career. Miley embracing just how much she’s grown up shows she’s not afraid who she used to be in the slightest.

That’s not where the news stops, though. The actress also dropped the official track list for the new album, and of course speculation as to which ones are about Liam Hemsworth has already begun.

We're going to take a guess and assume that more than one track is about him, their breakup, and understanding what it took for them to get back together. The album is going to be released on September 29th, so only a few weeks stand in the way of fans putting the record permanently on repeat.

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