It seems like Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas can't seem to escape one another.

Miley recently released her brand new single "Malibu," and has admitted that her reunion with fiance Liam Hemsworth was the inspiration behind it while she wrote it. The couple broke up and got back together recently and she seems as happy as ever, but for some reason, Miley's ex-boyfriend from years ago Nick Jonas keeps emerging during all of this.

He recently posted a screenshot of himself listening to "Malibu," and during a recent interview the "Wrecking Ball" singer did with radio host Ellen K, Nick was also mentioned and it was super inappropriate! The host made a joke about Miley, who is engaged, making out with her teenage years' boyfriend while she ate some tart from Pinkberry, and she shared a video of the moment on Instagram.

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"You like tart? Do you like these toppings?" the host asked her. Miley said: "I'm down. I'm super in. You're the best."

Ellen then said, "Now all we need is Nick Jonas so you can suck face!" Without even missing a beat, Miley quickly responded jokingly saying: "Yeah, I know. Where the hell is Nick Jonas?"

The radio host even went as far as tagging the "Jealous" singer in the caption of the post! She wrote, "I love you @mileycyrus – I'll never forget the first time we met & u were 13!! @pinkberryswirl @nickjonas #malibu @kost1035fm @iheartradio #wangotango #ellenkmorningshow"

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Though the ex-Disney Channel star took it as a joke, it still seemed a little weird to bring him up again. Some Niley fans exploded in the comments saying things like "@nickjonas get pinkberry w her
and "? my niley heart, come thru nick @nickjonas," others were not at all happy.

Instagram user stunningselenamg wrote in the comments, "Y'all still mentioning him to her….even when she's engaged to Liam ?and she's promoting the song she wrote for liam? y'all don't know how to move on huh"

Another user said, "Sorry but Niley won't happen. Miley wrote Malibu for Liam."

Yikes! The way Miley responded sort of made it seem like she had a close relationship with the host and that it was perhaps an inside joke between them. Nick has also talked about how awkward their first kiss was, saying that his breath smelled bad because he had just eaten pizza so that might be the meaning behind this interaction.

Miley has made it clear her heart belongs to Liam, so sorry to the shippers, but Niley just might be a thing of the past.

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