WHO KNEW Millie Bobby Brown and Ariana Grande were such good friends? We didn't, but we're totally here for it. Not only are these two pals, but they are good enough pals that they text each other before award shows – you know, just to let the other know how fly AF they look. It really is a friendship that 2018 needed. So, how do we know Millie and Ari have each other's digits? Instagram, of course. The Stranger Things star posted a photo on her Instagram story of a text thread with none other than the "Side To Side" singer.

It seems like Millie had sent Ariana a photo of herself in her 2018 Golden Globes dress or just a picture of the dress on the hanger – either works here, really – and Ari couldn't contain her love for it. She asked who designed the dress and also gave her seal of approval for the black color. (We took this as Ariana standing in support of the Time's Up movement as well.) Oh yeah, AND said she was proud of Millie. We're seriously not over this. While the pair has yet to be publicly photographed together, this screenshot is as good as it gets – if not better!

millie ariana

There's one more thing we've learned about Ariana from this whole thing, she texts exactly like you and me. Do you ever get so excited about something that you text your bestie 10 times in a row with each text containing just one word? Obviously, it could have all gone in one text but THAT'S NOT THE WAY OUR MINDS WORK. And, clearly, that's not the way Ariana's works either. This message thread just further solidifies the fact that Ari is totally real and relatable. We are LIVING for their friendship through and through. Now all the world needs is a Millie/Ari selfie and life would be complete.

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