It’s safe to say that the show Suite Life of Zack and Cody was a huge part of a lot of our childhoods. And after it ended in 2008, some of the stars from the Disney Channel show went on to have some pretty major careers! As fans know, Cole Sprouse went on to star as Jughead Jones in Riverdale, while his brother, Dylan, landed some pretty epic roles too. But the girls who who played Janice and Jessica Ellis on the Disney Channel show are all grown up.

Keep reading to see what the twins are up to now.

What Are Milly and Becky Rosso Doing Now?

What ever happened to Milly and Becky Rosso?! For those who forgot, the sisters starred as Janice and Jessica, British twins who appeared in seven episodes of the series. Zack had a major crush on them, so he constantly tried to impress them. But to his dismay, the girls ended up liking Cody more.

So what are they up to now, you ask? Well, after their time in the show, they went on to star in Legally Blondes as Annie and Izzy. They then formed an all-girl group called The Rosso Sisters, along with their other sisters, Georgina and Lola. The band was signed by Virgin Records, and get this — it was managed by the Jonas Brothers‘ dad, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr.

Becky and Milly Rosso Suite Life Now
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The ladies went on to drop a bunch of big hits together, and they even opened up for Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights Tour in South America. Their debut EP, Hola Hola, came out in 2014, and it was filled with bops. But in 2015, the girls lost their mom following a battle with cancer, and decided to stop making music together.

“We are so incredibly heartbroken and devastated that our beautiful mom, Anthea, passed away after fighting an extremely tough battle with pancreatic cancer. She was our best friend and inspiration, and the most caring, loving, selfless, kind hearted person we could ever imagine. After much thought and consideration, we have decided not to carry on with our girl group and making music, and to close this chapter in our lives, even though it was just the beginning and we hadn’t released music in the U.S. yet,” they wrote in a Facebook post at the time. “We’re so sorry to anyone we’re disappointing, but during these extremely difficult past few months, our hopes and dreams for the future have changed. We’ll never forget the amazing memories we made as a music group while it lasted, and we’re so happy we had the chance to meet and talk to such genuinely sweet and supportive fans like you guys. Thank you so much to all of you who have ever written us a nice message, sent us well wishes, prayed for us or our mom, or supported us in some way. We are so grateful. We love you.”

Since then, all of the girls have lived pretty normal lives, and none of them use social media, so it’s unclear what they’re doing these days.

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