So we all knew Milo Manheim has amazing dance moves and an adorable personality. But you may or may not have noticed that he’s also got a drop-dead-gorgeous body. Well, if you didn’t notice it before, he’s made sure to bring it to our attention now. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of it during a recent Instagram Q&A session, and holy moly, fans were impressed.

During the Q&A, a fan dared the Zombies star to post a pic that would “break the internet.” And the snap he shared was so swoon-worthy, he practically did! In the photo, the star was seen holding up a white t-shirt to show off his amazing abs that he probably developed over the 10 weeks of dance training he got when competing on Dancing With The Stars.

Milo Manheim Abs
Instagram: @MiloManheim

Wow. Fans are still trying to catch their breath and they quickly took to the social media platform to share their excitement. “Did he really think he could just snap like that?? Without any warning whatsoever? I’m not complaining but dang,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Milo’s abs are structured better than my life,” another added. A third fan noted that Milo definitely succeeded in his dare: “Internet broken,” they wrote underneath the pic.

During the Q&A the 17-year-old also revealed what his favorite thing about his dance partner, Witney Carson, was, and it couldn’t have been cuter.

“She makes me laugh like crazy,” Milo wrote alongside a sweet snap of them giggling together on a plane.

Milo Manheim Witney Carson
Instagram: @MiloManheim

But even the best of friends can annoy each other once in a while. And Milo revealed that for him and his dance partner, the one thing that she did to drive him crazy was “call [him] a little boy.”

As for his favorite dance during the competition, he said it was the “freestyle, no doubt.” And then someone asked if he’s still friends with Meg Donnelly, his Zombies costar, and his response was everything.

“She’s my best friend yuh hurr” he wrote alongside an adorable pic of the two Disney stars.

Milo Manheim Meg Donnelly
Instagram: @MiloManheim

We seriously love their friendship. Milo will be heading out on the DWTS Live Tour soon and we cannot wait to see him back on stage showing off those gorgeous abs!

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