While you've probably encountered some real-life One Direction doppelgangers, you may not have seen the real girls who look exactly like the 1D guys! They literally look like they could be related to them, and we're not even joking. A few years ago, Liam Payne freaked out when he saw a photo of two young girls who looks scarily like him and Niall Horan, tweeting, "This is crazy aha." The tweet? Pretty freaking mind-blowing, especially when you see them side-by-side along their doppelgängers. We'd be honored!

Liam and Niall are not the only members of the band with amazingly similar female lookalikes. In fact, we've rounded up some of the wildest photos of girls who look like Liam, Niall, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and even Zayn Malik. (Yes, we know that Zayn has his female alter ego, Veronica, from the "Best Song Ever" music video, but these girls aren't a Ben Winston creation.) Do you think they look the same?

This story was originally published on December 16, 2014. It has since been updated.

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