Snip, Snip: RIP 'iCarly' Hair, Miranda Cosgrove Has Chopped Her Locks Super Short


Miranda Cosgrove is pretty well-known for her long, cascading locks that she's been rocking for legit decades. However, the brunette beauty just switched things up in a major way. The iCarly star changed up her hairstyle entirely but chopping off her waist-length tresses and trading them for a blunt bob.

The Nickelodeon alum revealed this drastic makeover by debuting it at the red carpet premiere for Despicable Me 3, which she lends her voice to.

The result of this transformation is beyond gorgeous. We have always thought of Miranda as a long-haired girl, but this cut truly does suit her quite well. The way it frames her face is beyond flattering, and the length is perfect for the summer heat. We love! Now we wonder if she'll ever go back to long hair now that she's switched over to the bob life.


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