You may still picture him as swoopy-haired Oliver Oken in Hannah Montana – or even as Brady in Pair of Kings – but Disney Channel alum Mitchel Musso is no longer the teenage boy you remembered him as. Despite the fact that his look has naturally evolved over time, the actor never strayed too far away from his signature look. He may have chopped his hair and dyed it here and there, but for the most part – he has always been the same kid. But we're here to tell you that based on the looks of his latest Instagram photo, Mitchel is a kid no longer.

mitchel musso getty

Hannah Montana first premiered on television in 2006, so it comes to no surprise that the 15-year-old actor has seriously grown up since his first breakout role as Miley Stewart's bestie. However, the former Disney star recently shocked fans with an Instagram photo that literally leads us to believe he transformed overnight. No seriously, this is a glo up on another level.

Just a few months ago, Mitchel was rocking his signature long 'do. Not to mention, he was typically all covered up in the majority of his photos.

mitchel musso twitter

And then, we saw it – the hottie evolution of the century.

mitchel musso instagram

"Well… Disney I'm sorry…. the real me," he wrote alongside the smokin' hot mirror selfie, which shows the actor showing off his insanely ripped bod.

That caption didn't last for long though, as it now just reads, "Well…"

mitchel musso instagram caption

Now he didn't address the fact that he changed his caption, but we think it's safe to say that he probably started feeling a little bad about joking about the network that gave him his start – although, we all know it was just for fun. OK, but seriously – when did he get this ripped? Between the tattoos, the short hairstyle and the rock-hard abs – Mitchel looks like a completely new guy.

This post was originally published on February 27, 2017.

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